Dr Viv

Published Articles

Seizing the day - moving from general practice to obstetrics

I know that I am at the beginning of a very steep learning curve as I go from relative competency in one field to the bottom of the pecking order
06 April 2016

Heavy with heartsink patients

A more opinionated human being I have never met – apart from his wife
07 January 2016

Children ‘on the spectrum’

Is this a weird cluster, or are we instead seeing a resurgence of overdiagnosis, vaguely reminiscent of the ADHD epidemic?
31 October 2015

Cases of sheer bad luck

We’ve all witnessed these cases where patients come down with a litany of complaints that are baffling and frustrating
02 October 2015

Easing the pain: hard-to-diagnose headaches

He paced the room frenetically and announced that he was contemplating slitting his throat if he could not stop this pain
03 September 2015

Dealing with conversion disorder

These people aren’t ‘putting it on … it is essential that the patient is treated respectfully, the symptoms validated and the realness of the manifestations acknowledged
04 August 2015

Dealing with child neglect

"As doctors we are mandated to report these cases, but what I find difficult is the instances which fall into the grey area of not quite right"
08 July 2015

A tale of two families dealing with cancer

"The impact has bound one together while tearing the other apart"
30 May 2015

Gut intuition: a necessary diagnostic tool

“I have this overwhelming gut feeling ... that this person is really sick, and in that respect, I am rarely wrong”
05 May 2015

How a patient saved me from looking like a goose

“It took me over half an hour to convince him that it was not yet his time to die, and that he could be cured.”
02 April 2015