Published Articles

Aussie doctors identify which bacteria work best in faecal transplants

The 'milestone' findings will change the way we treat ulcerative colitis, researchers say.
11 December 2018

Licence to swill: Bond's love of martinis may prove fatal

007 needs medical help for his chronic alcohol problem, researchers warn.
10 December 2018

Does anaesthetic gas raise the risk of cancer recurrence?

Aussie doctors are taking part in a global study of patients undergoing lung and colorectal cancer surgery to find out.
10 December 2018

Parents slam GP, psychiatrist over daughter's death

They accused the GP and mental health service of failing 'in their duty of care' to Sabrina.
07 December 2018

Why GPs should ask patients how much they sleep

Questions about daytime naps may help identify those at high risk of heart disease,  researchers say.
06 December 2018

Surgeon let young woman down, coroner says

The patient died after complications from undiagnosed DVT during surgery for a broken leg.
04 December 2018

Paleo diet linked to heart disease

Fad diet followers show raised heart biomarkers, according to a small Australian study.
03 December 2018

Revealed: Finnish pastime's steamy link with heart health

Regularly sweating it out in a sauna is linked to lower deaths from CVD, say researchers.
30 November 2018

New HIV drugs set to be cheaper

Patients will save thousands of dollars with PBS listing of two-drug regimen.
29 November 2018

Cancer con artist Belle Gibson warned she could face jail

Failure to pay fine could lead to prison time for fake wellness guru: Federal Court.
27 November 2018