Published Articles

China rebukes doctor over gene-editing as second pregnancy confirmed

Professor He Jiankui 'deliberately evaded oversight' to seek fame, reports investigating team.
22 January 2019

Frailty may tip elderly towards dementia

Findings are an 'enormous step in the right direction' for Alzheimer's research.
21 January 2019

Doctor charged with forging prescriptions

Police allege he accessed the records of patients to write scripts for himself.
18 January 2019

Tell patients to get moving to stave off dementia

Exercise might help by 'strengthening connections' between brain cells involved in cognitive reserve.
17 January 2019

The 'envy of the world': Hunt describes new drug development centre

The Federal Government is putting $25 million into the new Melbourne-based research facility.
16 January 2019

Problematic: Aussie baby boomers hitting the bottle

An estimated 400,000 more people now drinking at risky levels, study shows.
15 January 2019

How much fibre lowers the risk of diseases?

Nutrition advice should encourage people to increase wholegrain consumption, says researcher.
14 January 2019

Turnbull's diet guru remains suspended

Chinese medicine practitioner seeking an end to his suspension over the death of a patient.
11 January 2019

Bigger waists linked to shrunken brains

It answers the question of whether extra body fat is protective or detrimental for brain health.
11 January 2019

Patient in vegetative state for 10 years gives birth

Police are investigating the 'deeply troubling' event at a US healthcare facility.
09 January 2019