Published Articles

Hot tea warning: cuppa linked to cancer

Morning beverage could up risk of oesophageal cancer if it's above 60 degrees, say researchers.
21 March 2019

Unethical IVF doctors target of new inquiry

The Victorian Health Complaints Commissioner is looking into dodgy practices among IVF providers.
19 March 2019

Aussie cave dive doctor tells how rescue went against every medical instinct

To push an unconscious person's face into the water feels so wrong, admits Dr Richard Harris. 
18 March 2019

Child flu death prompts vaccine push

The 'tragic' case is a reminder for vulnerable people to get immunised, says health officer.
15 March 2019

Doctors seek help from govt over ED 'ramping'

One mental health patient was forced to spend 'three days on a chair' before being admitted.
14 March 2019

Stonemason dies of silicosis after doctors warn of growing crisis

An expert medical working group held its first meeting about the issue last week.
13 March 2019

Aussie GP wades in on pill testing: 'MDMA's not too dangerous'

But NSW Health Minister says ecstasy 'cooks your organs' as debate over festival testing continues.
11 March 2019

GP denies inappropriately touching 16 female patients

Dr Sharif Fattah has pleaded not guilty to 30 charges of sexual and indecent assault.
06 March 2019

GP on trial for sexual assaults

The Sydney-based doctor touched 16 female patients for his own sexual gratification under the guise of a 'medically necessary', a jury has been told.
05 March 2019

Elderly at risk of Legionella lurking in showers

Australian study shows three-quarters of household showers are colonised with Legionella.
05 March 2019