Rada Rouse

Published Articles

Obesity epidemic could be spreading flu

Patients with obesity shed influence virus for longer
06 August 2018

Personality change does not flag dementia

US researchers have found no evidence to support the idea that dementia can be identified by changes in personality before the onset of cognitive impairment.
11 October 2017

Unvaccinated adults vastly outnumber children

Boosting adult vaccination is the best way to prevent disease
27 March 2017

8 key changes in the new Red Book

‘GPs have no obligation to offer prostate cancer screening to asymptomatic men’
01 October 2016

Cardiologists hail statin study

They say this major review should help end the fear-mongering
10 September 2016

HRT may triple breast cancer risk

UK investigators say previous research underestimated the danger
26 August 2016

7 pointers for testosterone prescribing

Here are the key points from the new prescribing guidance
16 August 2016

IBD clues emerge from Australian study

Fruit and caffeine appear protective
15 April 2016

Five barriers to full immunisation

Excluding conscientious objectors, here’s what to look out for among your patient base
30 May 2015