Carmel Sparke

Published Articles

Here's the top 16 ways to cut obesity in Australia

Alcohol tax tops the list, as researchers aim to make obesity prevention a key health priority.
12 December 2018

GP rescued after three days in dark cave

'I was trying to keep an eye on my watch, which glows in the dark.'
12 December 2018

Doctor and nurse praised for accident help

But the pair say they did what 'any other person with our training would have done'.
11 December 2018

Long-term study finds vitamin D link with schizophrenia

Ensuring pregnant women have enough of the vitamin may prevent cases, researchers say.
07 December 2018

Do surgeons really go for showy cars: survey

What doctors spend on them is the most surprising finding.
07 December 2018

Regular GP visits lower chance of death after MI

Risk of emergency readmission is also significantly less for patients who follow up.
06 December 2018

'Deeply concerning': Anti-vaxxers partly to blame for surge in measles

Complacency, 'falsehoods' and stalling immunisation rates are behind the worldwide increase, says expert.
06 December 2018

Oh dear: Doctors advised to stop calling patients 'love'

Medical staff in Ireland are being asked to use patients' names instead of procedure or pet monikers.
04 December 2018

Shock value: Show patients an image of their clogged arteries

A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to motivating patients to address risk factors.
03 December 2018

How many female interventional cardiologists are there?

Hint: It's under 20 in a gender gap that affects the profession and patients.
30 November 2018