Carmel Sparke

Published Articles

Fertility doctor fathers at least 50 children

He used his own sample instead of medical residents; now his children are piecing together the story.
22 March 2019

UK docs demand action over GP suicide crisis

Failing to care for doctors' mental health is as bad as sending young men over the top in WWI, says GP.
21 March 2019

8 facts about miscarriage

Previous pregnancy complications are linked with a higher risk of miscarriage, study reveals.
21 March 2019

GP reprimanded for over-the-phone morphine

The rural doctor was on-call overnight and failed to attend to assess the elderly patient.
20 March 2019

Teen's schizophrenia turns out to be cat-related

Psychotic symptoms from cat-scratch disease highlight the role of infection in psychiatric disorders, say researchers.
19 March 2019

Woman has anaphylactic reaction after oral sex

Penicillin taken by her partner might have been the cause, says BMJ Case Reports.
18 March 2019

Doctor's book The Happy Bowel a hit at writers' festival

What's the perfect bowel movement? 'Prompt, effortless, brief and complete', says Perth colorectal surgeon Dr Michael Levitt.
18 March 2019

5 ways to help patients with health anxiety

Look out for 'cyberchondria', which is one clue a patient may have the condition.
15 March 2019

GP suspended for treating family members

Melbourne-based Dr Nicholas Sevdalis saw two relatives 141 times in under a year.
15 March 2019

Row erupts over teen weight-loss trial

Children's hospital study puts 'teenagers through a gruelling and prolonged semi-starvation experiment', says eating disorders expert.
14 March 2019