Carmel Sparke

Published Articles

Vaccine linked to drop in paediatric type 1 diabetes

Oral rotavirus vaccine given to infants may have a protective effect, say Aussie researchers.
22 January 2019

GP slams NT's 'over-the-top' grog shop cops

Answering armed liquor inspector questions outside alcohol outlets is a step too far for this remote doctor.
22 January 2019

China rebukes doctor over gene-editing as second pregnancy confirmed

Professor He Jiankui 'deliberately evaded oversight' to seek fame, reports investigating team.
22 January 2019

WHO facing claims of fraud and racism

Funds earmarked for Ebola crisis spent on employee's girlfriend, anonymous emails claim.
21 January 2019

Oncologists in spat with exercise experts over patient advice

Guideline may cause 'considerable angst' among patients unable to meet the level, academics say.
18 January 2019

1 doctor dies of suicide every day in US

Survey of 15,000 physicians shows primary care doctors have one of the highest burnout rates.
17 January 2019

Patient blinded after overdosing on sildenafil

The man who consumed 10 times the recommended dose has ongoing eye problems.
15 January 2019

Doctors urged to be kind – to each other

'Why are doctors so unkind to each other? What has happened to collegiality?' Australian clinicians ask 
15 January 2019

Doctors warn against do-it-yourself removal of IUDs

'My husband removed mine', claims a member of a Facebook group on the devices.
14 January 2019

Police release audio detailing how staff dealt with baby of patient in a coma

The woman had been in a vegetative state for almost 10 years.
14 January 2019