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Spectators risking life and limb for love of the game

In a first of its kind, this study looked into injuries that fans sustain.
12 December 2018

Edentulism linked to hypertension in postmenopausal women

The risk is higher in women under 60, a study finds.
12 December 2018

Short tests may fail to predict dementia

Screening using brief cognitive assessment tools could be less accurate than previously thought.
12 December 2018

Consider abuse in emergency contraceptive consults

Inquiries about emergency contraception could flag a deeper problem, researchers warn.
12 December 2018

Online CBT helps insomnia patients

Positive effects were seen 'around the clock'.
19 October 2018

Hugging is good for you, study shows

Receive a hug one day and the good vibes last until the next day.
11 October 2018