GP forged more than 400 prescriptions

A UK GP who forged more than 400 prescriptions for himself under the names of three different patients may be allowed to keep his job.

The court heard that the forgery cost the NHS $17,500 as all three patients were entitled to free prescriptions.

The doctor’s defence lawyer said that the 41-year-old doctor, who practised in north-east England, had depression due to work pressures, as well as marriage difficulties that left him the single parent of two children.

He was still on medication and under the care of counselling services, according to a report in the community newspaper, Gazette Live.

“At some point, he would like the opportunity to practise again.” the lawyer added.

She noted that the General Medical Council suggested the GP would be able to practise again if he received a jail sentence of less than six months.

However, the judge ruled that was not necessary.

”You were under pressure and you were in a very difficult position following the departure of your first wife, pressures of being the father of two young children and then on top of that all the pressures of general practice,” he said.

“Your fault was in trying to medicate yourself.”

The Gazette reports that the GP was given a four months’ jail sentence suspended for 12 months and ordered to pay $17,500 compensation to the NHS within a year, after he pleaded guilty to three charges of fraud.