Tipsy GP gropes passenger on flight

A GP who got tipsy on an international flight and then groped a female passenger while his wife was there claimed he was merely giving her a medical examination, a tribunal has heard.

The UK Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service was told Dr Rajkumar Mazumder, 70, grabbed the passenger's breast and rubbed his groin on her waist after telling her his wife was being "miserable".

The sexual assault allegedly occurred five years ago but was not referred to the General Medical Council until three years later when Dr Mazumder underwent a Disclosure and Barring Service check on his background.

According to a report in the UK Daily Mail, the incident happened as Dr Mazumder and his wife were returning from a US visit to see their grandchild.

As the lights were dimmed during the 13-hour journey from North Carolina to London, Dr Mazumder allegedly assaulted the woman who had been sitting in front of the couple.

The woman subsequently alerted stewards, who moved her for the remainder of the flight.

Police were called after the flight landed in the UK, but no criminal charges were brought against the GP.

She later reported the matter to the police.

The tribunal heard that Dr Mazumder told the police at the time that the woman had mentioned she had MS.

He said he offered to examine her and did so in a “non-intimate way”.

Dr Mazumder denies misconduct.

The hearing continues.